Marianne Kemp - black horsehair skirt


Wearable | Christobal Twill

Shaping a dress with the moulage technique on the mannequin with her self woven fabric. Marianne studied fashion design before she went to the art academy. It was an obvious step for her to incorporate fashion design and creating the fabric. In the process of making this dress, the mannequin stood next to the loom. This way it was possible to get measurements right. The shape of the dress is formed by a large patch of horsehair, the firmness of this material creates a beautiful round shape with a deep pleat at the front (2013).

Wearable | Charlotte Bakkenes

For the final collection of Charlotte Bakkenes (graduate from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute) Marianne made some hand weavings with special horsehair details (2018).

NOW on display at the exhibition “Des Cheveux et des Poils”,  Musée des Arts Décoratifs, 107, Rue de Rivoli, Paris.

Wearable | Curly Locks

For me fashion starts on the loom. While weaving the fabrics fantastic curls of horsehair can be woven in. Presicely on the spot where it is needed!

The fabrics can be wild, sexy and outspoken, but also stylish and elegant details can be woven in (2013).

Wearable | Steffie Christiaens

For Paris based Dutch fashion designer Steffie Christiaens Marianne made some outspoken fabrics for her male and female collection. The horsehair sways beautifully on the catwalk! (2011)