Marianne Kemp Horsehair Weaving lighting


Collaboration | Karel Bodegom

RayLight | functional & simple design, created by Marianne and interior architect Karel Bodegom (2011).

A light installation of handmade functional simplicity, combining contemporary design with practicality. Its textile artwork creates a three dimensional effect and subtly scatters and filters the light. The material used is horsehair and linen.
Angles and heights can be adjusted endlessly. The fluorescent tube inside acts as a diffuser. It can be manipulated from direct to indirect light, creating a mood light or reading light, up or down, in a trice.

Collaboration | Anneke Hoogervorst

The foundation of the series 'Horse on top' and 'Scribble' was laid in the summer of 2009, on a collaborative project in Mongolia. The first samples Marianne and Anneke (feltmaker) made was on the Mongolian steppe. The fibers originated and used a lot in Mongolia are horsehair, sheep's wool and yak hair. Each has different qualities, by combining these in the weaving and felting process, surprising effects occur.

The series 'Scribble' is a simple weaving technique in felted wool  creating a dynamic and strong moving graphic effect.
The series 'Horse on top' is a combination of horsehair and wool combined into new textures with unexpected volume and dramatic curves.

The fabrics are handmade by the designers and are suitable for interior products: wall hangings, wall covering panels, lamps and room dividers. The fabrics can also be constructed in a soundproof manner and are suitable to manage acoustic settings for large noise polluted spaces (like dining and conferencing rooms) and are as well visual attractive. Wool is flame retardant from nature | made to measure | different colors available.

Collaboration | Inge Simonis

A selection of objects consisting of porcelain and horsehair, made with ceramic artist Inge Simonis. With a fascination for each others art work, use of material and vision they started to experiment.
It was a challenge to combine the hard porcelain and rough horsehair fiber, because of the different characteristics.
The result is a series that includes horsehair and porcelain. They are interwoven in a surprising way.

This series has been nominated in 2006 for the 1st Contemporary Ceramic prize Lehi.Ke, Basque country, Spain.

Collaboration | John Boyd Textiles

In 2001 Marianne and John Boyd Textiles created a small collection of designs based on her hand weavings. John Boyd, based in the UK, is a factory from 1836 and solely weaving horsehair. In contrast to the traditional designs of John Boyd this collection has a more modern look. The fabrics can be applied to different interior products like lighting, screens or upholstery.